Webinar: Driving ROI and Innovation with the Cloud & Hybrid Data Center Consolidation

Cloud providers love to highlight how easy driving new business innovation, creating new market opportunities and driving rapid experimentation using the cloud is – all at a fraction of the cost. Yet the reality of today’s enterprise is much more complicated due to expensive applications, capital infrastructure and a growing need to adapt and accelerate without compromising business performance.  Join CloudLogic’s Fred Latala and Etienne Gadient as they explore “Disrupting the competition: Driving rapid ROI and faster innovation through three Cloud and Hybrid Data Center Consolidation strategies” with Bruce Kelly of Curvature.  We cover several areas including: 

  •  How the cloud can change the game for infrastructure
  •  Why the public cloud isn’t always the default answer
  •  Use cases for public cloud, private cloud and hybrid models to create value
  •  How to prioritize and measure whether the cloud actually drives ROI for specific services
  •  How to measure the cost of cloud operations vs. the cost of running services in my own data center

Join us on BrightTalk at:  http://bit.ly/2DxZSS1 

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