A new and simple way to drive 20% out of your AWS monthly storage costs

AWS GP3 storage is transforming cost optimization, and its shockingly simple to implement...

AWS Accounts, Dos and Don'ts

Learn some of our recommended best practices securing IAM in AWS.

Accelerating your Cloud Migration

The technology innovation cycle is shorter than it has even been. Which means new ways to perform traditional activities, like migration and transformation, are emerging all the time. 

Building a Blueprint, the 3 approaches to every migration

When engaging in an enterprise scale migration or transformation one of the key aspects will be determining your migration approach or guiding principles as a first step to building a successful Blueprint for your migration.

Understanding Cloud Optimization in under 4 minutes

The average enterprise is wasting 35% of their cloud budget. Its time to stop the madness. Cloud Cost Optimization with CloudLogic will help you gain control, eliminate waste, and maximize your return on cloud investment.

Customer Story: Hershey

Hershey has a lot of data that they need to share across their enterprise. Keeping their workforce mobile while being able to access that data can be tough